Digressions of a Papyrus

Reporting and Essays on Society, Culture, Lifestyle. Plus a dash of creative non-fiction with questionably funny pictures.



Formerly known as Hills Like Asian Elephants, Digressions of a Papyrus is a blog on society, culture and well-being. It offers serious reporting, insightful-but-way-too-long essays, disjointed ramblings, and funny non-fiction. The diverse range of topics include Taiwan’s burgeoning horror movie industry, anti-LGBT organisations in France, or analysis of modern self-help, along with very profound sociological analyses of ‘Gossip Girl’.


Hélène Isabelle a.k.a Papyrus is a History and Chinese studies graduate of French-Peruvian descent raised in Hong Kong and Peru. She currently resides in Berlin after a lifetime of wandering and uses most days to write, wander and write some more: creative writing, journalism, and content marketing are among her main interests. Current goals include mastering the beautiful German language and managing to cook a half-decent butternut lasagna.

(If anyone has a tip that actually works to keep the lasagna sheets from staying so hard… dear God, I may give you money. No, REALLY)





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