Digressions of a Papyrus is a journalism blog on society, culture and well-being. It offers serious reporting, insightful-but-way-too-long essays, disjointed ramblings, and funny non-fiction. The diverse range of topics include Taiwan’s burgeoning horror movie industry, anti-LGBT organisations in France, or analysis of modern self-help, along with very profound sociological analyses of ‘Gossip Girl’.


Hélène Isabelle a.k.a Papyrus is a History and Chinese studies graduate of French-Peruvian descent raised in Hong Kong and Peru. She lives in Berlin and likes to write a lot. Current goals include mastering the beautiful German language and managing to cook a half-decent butternut lasagna.

The first goal, thus far, seems much more realistic.

Her work on Taiwanese society and culture has been featured on Radio Taiwan International and The News Lens International. In 2019, she authored ‘The Blue Room’, a fantasy poem specifically created for the digital art project ‘Synthetic Velvet’.